Microsoft Ireland invites students to HQ to promote tech careers
Paddy Cosgrave, founder of the Dublin Web Summit (left) and Paul Rellis, managing director of Microsoft Ireland

Microsoft Ireland invites students to HQ to promote tech careers

16 Nov 2011

Microsoft Ireland invited students into its campus yesterday to show them what career opportunities the technology industry can offer them.

Students were given the chance to learn about the future of the technology sector and spent time in different faculties within Microsoft Ireland, including development, sales, HR and marketing.

They also got to see the products and applications being developed at Microsoft Ireland.

Microsoft held an interactive panel discussion for the students on the day. Panellists included Paul Rellis, managing director of Microsoft Ireland, Paddy Cosgrave, found of the Dublin Web Summit, Peter Brabazon, director of Discover Science and Engineering and Calum Cawley, an IT Sligo student who was part of the winning team in Microsoft’s global Imagine Cup competition.

“While there is obviously an unemployment problem in Ireland right now, there are also a large number of vacancies in the high-tech sector,” said Rellis.

“In order for Ireland to have a sustainable economic recovery, it is important that business, academia and the government do all that they can to ensure that this kind of a gap doesn’t persist or re-occur again in the future.

“We need to ensure that we are planning for the medium term and ensure that our education system is educating and training people to develop the right skills – not just for the jobs that exist for today – but also for the jobs that will emerge in the economy of the future.”

Rellis emphasised the need for industry leaders to do more to educate young people – particularly young women – about the opportunities that a career in technology presents.

“We need to help shift perceptions and ensure that young people understand and get excited about the opportunities that this industry presents – in reality, the opportunities are endless. By doing this we can help ensure that our talented young people choose to join this sector helping to give them a satisfying and rewarding career,” he said.

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