Tech Jobs 2013 – Top 50 jobs announcements of 2013: Nos 25-21
John Hinshaw, executive vice-president, HP Global Technology and Operations, with Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD (right), in Galway

Tech Jobs 2013 – Top 50 jobs announcements of 2013: Nos 25-21

16 Dec 2013

Today we continue our countdown of Ireland’s top tech jobs announcement stories of 2013, from start-ups to multinationals.

It has been the year companies in sectors that are thriving – technology, science and cloud – as Ireland claws its way back from the downturn, have created jobs in their organisations.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter, for example, announced hundreds of new jobs between them, Novartis revealed the creation of about 100 jobs, and HP proclaimed the building of a cloud R&D operation in Galway for 700 workers.

To celebrate a year of jobs announcements, has dedicated the month of December to the top 50 most popular jobs announcements of 2013. The list contains a myriad of companies, large and small, creating opportunities across Ireland.

Below we continue our countdown of the 50 most-viewed jobs announcement stories of 2013.


25 – opens second office in Dublin, creating 100 jobs

Cloud computing firm, along with Taoiseach Enda Kenny, TD, have announced 100 new jobs for Dublin in sales, marketing, IT and customer support.


24 – Aztec Money to create 100 new jobs in Dublin

Up to 100 new jobs in the areas of data processing, marketing, sales and IT are to be created in Dublin by international finance firm Aztec Money.


23 – Novartis relocates business services centre, still on track for 100 new hires

Novartis, the world’s second-largest pharmaceutical company, has made the final decision on where to locate its new regional business services centre, bringing this and 100 jobs to Elm Park Business Campus, Dublin.

 social network

22 – What the Phlok? Irish social platform for shoppers hopes to create 100 jobs

Phlok, a social platform that helps consumers access good deals in shops and restaurants, says it hopes to create 100 new jobs in Ireland over the next 18 months after receiving investment of US$600,000.

 HP Galway

21 – HP to build 87,000 sq-foot cloud R&D operation in Galway for 700 workers

HP has applied for planning permission to build a new 87,000 sq-foot R&D and cloud facility in Galway that will house up to 700 workers.

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