Workers don’t want to be corporate executives – survey

17 Feb 2012

While workers want to be successful in their careers overall, not a single one of them wants to be a corporate executive, Intelligent Office’s Work IQ survey suggests. In fact, 65pc of the 1,075 respondents indicated they wanted to be entrepreneurs or to work as an independent.

Intelligent Office set out to see if people are working in traditional ways or whether there has been a shift toward a more flexible work style in the face of a struggling US economy.

The survey results reveal a worker who desires mobility and flexibility, characteristics typically associated with entrepreneurs and/or independent business owners.

Some 61pc of survey respondents said they desire more flexible work hours than the traditional 9-to-5. Technology remains an invaluable resource to more than 45pc of the respondents, as well, with 66pc saying they aspire to have a laptop or tablet that affords them freedom and mobility.

“We believe there is a paradigm shift happening in our culture as it relates to work style,” said Tom Camplese, CEO, Intelligent Office.

“What we continue to hear from people is that they increasingly need and expect services that will help them grow and be more successful, but they want those services to match this new work style – flexible and mobile,” said Camplese. “Overall, they are seeking more balance and freedom in everything, including the services that support their business efforts.”

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