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Jobs in Ireland attract tech talent from Spain: here are their stories

26 May 2015

We’ve all read the statistics on job creation in Ireland and how successful this country is at attracting and retaining talent from overseas, so here are some of the people behind those numbers.

In the Trading Places series, speaks to talented people from around the world about their experiences of leaving home for jobs in Ireland.

We find out what motivated their move, how they settled in, and what surprised them most about living and working in Ireland.

Future Human

For many of those who moved from Spain, the economic woes of their homeland were a major influence on their decision. With Ireland’s international reputation as a European tech hub, those working in IT and tech often felt it was an obvious choice.

While our status as Europe’s top tech city can – and will – be debated, what can’t be denied is that Ireland has lived up to its tourist tagline as ‘island of a thousand welcomes’. In each of these stories, the feeling of being welcomed and accepted is a common theme, and one we can be immensely proud of.

To read these stories told by people from Spain who have taken up jobs in Ireland, simply swipe through the list at the top of the page.

Ireland image by Mikkel Bigandt via Shutterstock

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