Last May Áine Kerr took to the Inspirefest stage to explain that publishers need to move slow and fix things in order to keep their readers engaged.

Having garnered years of experience working at Facebook, Storyful and numerous Irish newspapers, Áine Kerr understands the media landscape better than most.

She believes that the journalism industry is “facing a moment of crisis” and, in order to fix it, we need to bridge the gap between publishers and readers.

Kinzen, the company Kerr co-founded and where she is currently COO, intends to do just that. “We aim to fix the damage done by ‘black-box’ recommender systems, which hijacked the unconscious biases of users, trapping them in echo chambers and endless distraction.”

For more advice on how publishers can develop a strong reader base on their digital properties, check out the above talk Kerr gave at Inspirefest 2019.


Words by Shelly Madden