Accenture's Barry Heavey explains why you don't necessarily need a science background to work in the life sciences sector.

According to data released by the Irish Venture Capital Association in September, life sciences was one of the top three sectors in Ireland to attract investment in the first half of the year. As the life sciences sector continues to see steady growth, there’s bound to be increased interest in career opportunities in this area.

We recently spoke to Barry Heavey, head of life sciences at Accenture, about what it’s like to work in life sciences and what you need to succeed in the sector.

According to Heavey, despite what you may presume, you don’t need a science background to work in life sciences.

“Biology is a complex science, there’s lots of data that’s required to be analysed so people with skills in bioinformatics can be interesting, but we also see people who come to Accenture and work who have maybe a background in computer science, don’t have a background in sciences, but find it really interesting to work in sciences.”

If you’re considering a career in this sector, Heavey advises you to engage in continuous learning and diversify your skills as tech continuous to evolve and improve.


Words by Colin Ryan