Beckey-Finn Britton of the Clean Coasts project is determined to completely change our thinking on single-use plastics, starting with a two-minute clean-up every day.

Speaking on stage at Inspirefest 2018, Beckey-Finn Britton, Clean Coasts development officer for Irish counties Donegal and Leitrim, said that while it might seem impossible to make any sort of difference in the fight against plastic waste, even a small bit can help if everyone chips in.

One such idea is the ‘two-minute beach clean’ whereby you can just spend a very short amount of time picking up microplastics off the beach, even enough to fill one hand – that could have a drastic and beneficial impact on nearby marine life.

“The tipping point for large-scale social change is 25pc,” she said, “so, if 25pc of us here today take home with us – around the world – these ideas of creating a better environment for ourselves, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.”


Words by Colm Gorey