Find out more from the 15-year-old students who won this year’s BT Young Scientist competition.

After being crowned overall winners of the 2022 BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition earlier this month, 15-year-olds Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar spoke to about their project.

“We took an old problem, which is the Bernoulli quadrisection problem, and then we used a modern technique known as particle swarm optimisation, which was invented in 1995, and then used it to solve this problem and it worked out really well,” said Joshi.

The third-year students from Synge Street in Dublin then used the same method to solve much more complex problems to great success.

“This problem also has a practical application in the real world,” said Joshi. “It has uses in the design of electronic circuits. So, where you would be placing tons of components onto a [printed circuit board] and you would need them to be evenly spread out. Also, the distance they have moved would need to be like the lowest you can get it so the production cost will be low, for example.”


Words by Jenny Darmody