The Inspirefest Fringe welcomed parents and children to Merrion Square for a fun day of science and technology in the park, with thanks to a batch of brilliant volunteers from CoderDojo, Dublin Maker, TOG, Girls Hack Ireland, Coding Grace, Mink Tek Circuits, Trinity Walton Club and more.

On a sunny Dublin day, children (and grown-ups) were invited to learn a bit of coding, build circuit-board badges and make beaded bracelets which became colourful in the sun’s UV rays.

Speaking to us on the day, Dublin Maker co-founder David McKeown explained that this gathering offered just a taster of what will be on the cards at the Dublin Maker event next month.

“Dublin Maker is this event where we get people who make things in their bedrooms, in their sheds, in their garages – [people] who just kind of make kooky stuff, and Dublin Maker is a chance for them to show it off,” he said.

Inspirefest is Silicon Republic’s international event connecting sci-tech professionals passionate about the future of STEM with fresh perspectives on leadership, innovation and diversity.