We look at how a Deloitte blockchain lab in Dublin is overseeing the early adoption of the technology.

In Dublin, Deloitte has established the EMEA Blockchain Lab, which aims to advise clients on the technology’s application. We caught up with some of the leading team members of the lab to see where it is at in bringing blockchain from concept to reality.

“We do everything from ideation through to the deployment of blockchains for commercial entities. So, this includes everything between the ideas, the testing of the use cases, right through to the technical architecture and the design and development, and the deployment of it,” explained Cillian Leonowicz, head of business development for the lab.

“The key point is the multidisciplinary approach we would have. It is not just technology, it is looking at digital transformation, digital innovation and then re-engineering value chains.”

David Dalton, consulting partner and financial services lead at Deloitte, added: “The core of what we do is work with building clients’ real-world solutions on blockchain technology.”


Words by John Kennedy