The GLEN Workplace Equality Index Awards took place yesterday (22 September) in the Westin Hotel, Dublin. Financial services company EY took home the top prize – Employer of the Year.

The GLEN Workplace Equality Index Awards recognise companies that strive to support equality within their organisations, making it possible for employees to be themselves at work.

EY earned recognition across a number of categories, in addition to winning Employer of the Year, for its tireless efforts to support equality for LGBT employees, and for advocating the benefits of that equality.

Speaking to, Catherine Vaughan, Global Compliance Leader at EY, talked about how universal equality can make business better.

“When you can go to a work environment, be yourself, be as creative as you want to be, as open and challenging as you can be, you’re bringing absolutely the best ideas to the table; and that means the best results for clients, it means the best results for the company, and that actually makes a big, proper business difference,” said Vaughan.

Kieran Rose, co-chair of GLEN, said that, following the passing of the Marriage Equality Act, the effects have been widespread. A rising tide raises all boats, he said.

“[The Marriage Equality Act] has increased momentum for progress for lesbians and gay men, but equally it has increased the potential for progress for all groups… for people with disabilities, for example, or people from different backgrounds. It increases the possibility for progress for all groups in our society,” said Rose.

Words by Kirsty Tobin