IBM in Ireland holds the record for achieving the most patents, averaging one per week – a testament to the innovation culture at the company, says new country general manager Paul Farrell.

“It has come to be because, first and foremost, IBM as a corporation believes in pure research,” Farrell told

“We have a number of Nobel laureates on our staff and, for a number of years, we have led the world and tech companies in the number of patents granted every year.

“I am very proud to say that Ireland stands right up there with the labs across IBM’s corporate world in terms of the number of patents that we are personally responsible for.

“That isn’t just in our laboratories; it is particularly important to note that extends through the thinking of all of our staff. In fact, one of the consultants I had the pleasure of working with here locally personally gained a patent for work he had done on research on applied services sciences.

“So, it is something that is right there in the DNA of the organisation as a whole and is fundamental to the DNA of IBM Ireland,” Farrell said.


Words by John Kennedy