The Leaders’ Room talks AI, quantum and leadership with IBM’s Deborah Threadgold

2 May 2024

Deborah Threadgold. Image: © Connor McKenna/

The latest episode of the podcast features IBM’s Ireland country manager Deborah Threadgold, who talks about how leadership has transformed in recent years. The series has been created in partnership with IDA Ireland.

Each fortnight, The Leaders’ Room podcast sees host Ann O’Dea get up close and personal with the Irish-based leaders of some of the world’s leading technology, health-tech, finance and engineering companies with operations in Ireland. As well as getting their insights on the nature of good leadership, the series also gets their expert views on the trends that are shaping their sectors.

In the latest episode of podcast, Ann chats with Deborah Threadgold, country general manager of IBM Ireland. We hear about her remarkable career journey, and how IBM both globally and in Ireland has reinvented itself over its 115 plus years from a hardware company to the AI and hybrid cloud organisation it is today. Ann and Deborah also get into the weeds on ethical AI and the quantum utility age.

After spending some 22 years rising through the ranks at IBM globally, Deborah Threadgold became Ireland country general manager three years ago. IBM has been a major tech presence in Ireland since it was set up in 1956 by just three people. Since then, it has grown to become, in Deborah’s own words, a microcosm of the IBM organisation at large. IBM Ireland is also home to one of the company’s 12 research labs – and the only one located in the EU.

Deborah shared many of the lessons she has learnt throughout her remarkable career journey, especially the skills that have helped her become a great leader.

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