Enterprise Ireland’s Leo Clancy spoke to SiliconRepublic.com at the launch of the agency’s end-of-year results for 2022.

At the beginning of January 2023, Enterprise Ireland announced its latest employment growth figures, which marked a 5pc net increase in jobs over 2021.

The figures included an 8pc growth in technology and services, with strong growth reported in specific sub-sectors such as climate, sustainability and agritech (13pc), digital technology (9pc), high-tech construction and housing (6pc), as well as fintech and financial services (6pc).

Speaking to SiliconRepublic.com, Enterprise Ireland CEO Leo Clancy said because the Irish tech sector is more enterprise-focused, it is “more resilient to some of the headwinds that have been experienced, particularly in consumer tech, in the latter half of 2022”.


Words by Jenny Darmody