According to MSD’s Mark Nolan, employers need to be aware of how recent workplace shifts have affected graduates, interns and new recruits.

The way we work has undergone major changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but according to MSD Ireland HR lead Mark Nolan, the move to hybrid was always going to come. “I think it was something that every company was looking towards,” he recently told

However, he added that the pace of change was so fast that employers need to give their teams time to adjust, especially their early-stage talent.

“The pandemic has been a challenge for our early talent. As we think about our graduate programme, our interns, our people who are starting their careers for the first time, they’re starting in a really different way than what would be the norm,” he said.

“I think we just need to be really mindful in this hybrid model of supporting those folks to either get back to the sites, get into the offices, see what production area looks like, meet some of their team and to help them settle in as best they can.”


Words by Jenny Darmody