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Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of career gaps in your CV

11 Oct 2019

Find out why honesty is the best policy when it comes to explaining gaps in your resumé.

One of the trickiest parts of a job interview can be deciding how to address any gaps that exist on your CV. Whether you decided to take a year-long break to go travelling or had to take time off for something personal, there are many reasons why there might be a gap in your education or career.

Traditionally, CV gaps have often been a focus point for negative attention, which can make them a cause for concern among interviewees. But according to, that simply shouldn’t be the case.

Candidates should never feel tempted to try and cover up any gaps that do exist in their work or education experience, according to the company’s director of regional recruitment, Jane Gormley.

“The golden rule for gaps in your CV is honesty – you’ll be very surprised about how a lie can close doors very quickly,” she said.

It’s also important to view past experiences, whether they’re mistakes or achievements, positively.

“We have all made mistakes, or worked within roles that haven’t suited us, or been somewhere that we have performed to our best, or, importantly, been happy!” Gormley added.

“Don’t be ashamed of this – it’s as important to understand and learn from these as it is to have great successes. Plus, it looks very fishy if a potential employer unearths a role that you’ve ‘hidden’ from view.

“Far more sinister ideas can creep into a potential employer’s minds once a lie is uncovered and it certainly creates doubt about your integrity, if nothing else. You have nothing to be ashamed of in the choices you’ve made in your career, so don’t make a big, unnecessary deal of it by lying.”

Recruiters has created a valuable infographic to help you navigate any gaps in your CV while job hunting. Check it out below, or click here to view a larger version.

Infographic displaying how to explain CV gaps in interviews


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Lisa Ardill
By Lisa Ardill

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