A million clicks
for Golden Pages

29 Nov 2005

Golden Pages’ website, which currently ranks in the top 15 sites for domestic traffic, attracts more than four million page impressions a month that result in over 500,000 user sessions each month and over one million product and business searches, siliconrepublic.com has learned.

The company revealed the figures after revealing a major investment in a redesign and functionality upgrade of the Goldenpages.ie website by the company’s owner World Directories.

The Golden Pages website has also launched the provisioning of online advertising on the homepage with a full banner space and a skyscraper advert on the results page, says Golden Pages online producer Irene Gahan.

She said the investment was made in response to the growing sophistication and requirements of the sites users. “The first thing you would notice would be the look and feel of the site, much more user friendly,” explained Gahan. “The idea was to make it much more intuitive and suitable to a local search. The investment follows extensive usability tests and the result is a much more refined and crisp website.”

Gahan added: “The focus is not on the technology but more on the user experience.”

Goldenpages.ie, which ranks in the top 15 sites for domestic traffic in Ireland, attracts over four million page impressions each month and this is growing steadily each month. This equates to half a million user sessions each month and more than one million product and business searches.

Ian Harrison, managing director of Golden Pages, commenting on the launch of the new site, said: “This launch is extremely important. The site has to date achieved excellent growth in terms of traffic and usage and we are now entering a phase of continual site improvement over the next 12 months. This upgrade represents a large investment in the design interface and functionality, which will see improved ranking and relevancy of search results.”

According to Gahan, the top 10 keyword searches for October 2005 were: hotel, restaurant, doctor, solicitor, dentist, hairdressers, hospital, auctioneers, florists and taxi.

By John Kennedy