Adamstown attracts Magnet as exclusive fibre provider

2 May 2006

Magnet Networks has signed a deal to be the exclusive fibre-to-the-home provider to the new urban development at Adamstown in Dublin, has learned. The news emerged as the operator’s consumer arm unveiled a €15-per-month DSL broadband service.

A spokesman for Magnet confirmed that the company has won the rights to supply fibre optic connections directly into as many as 10,000 homes being built as part of the Adamstown project. Although other operators can provide voice and internet services into the development via DSL, Magnet has an exclusive deal for providing fibre, which offers higher capacity and consequently scope for more interactive services.

Meanwhile, today Magnet Entertainment launched an uncontended 2MB broadband connection for consumers for €15 per month, with no time limits on the amount of usage. According to Magnet, the uncontended service means that the broadband connection will not fluctuate during peak time, as it is not being shared with many other users.

The cost of the package does not include line rental. In addition, although other operators may have access to a telecoms exchange to provide DSL services it does not follow that broadband will be available to every resident in the coverage area as a percentage of the copper-wire phone connections may fail line checks for DSL.

Magnet Entertainment also announced a map on its website aimed at showing the public where its services are available. The colour-coded map, available at, covers Dublin initially and the company is in the process of compiling maps for other regions in Ireland, which will be due in the Autumn. The maps will change on a month-by-month basis as Magnet’s services reach more areas.

The spokesman for Magnet pointed out that location and availability of broadband services is a regular conversation topic on discussion boards. “We’re trying to keep it as transparent as possible for people,” he said.

By Gordon Smith