AirSpeed in €100,000 broadband deal with healthcare firm

29 Jan 2009

Wireless telecoms firm Airspeed has signed a €100,000 contract to provide bandwidth connectivity to the Kildare-based medical campus of Vista Primary Care.

Vista Primary Care is an advanced primary care campus located in Co Kildare that provides primary care services to public and private patients.

Key to these services is Vista’s Medical Imaging department, which provides diagnostic services such as General X-Ray, Ultrasound, MRI and CT to GPs, hospitals, consultant suites and urgent care centres.

Critical to these diagnostics services is the delivery of advanced medical images from Vista Primary Care to medical centres around the country.

Under the contract AirSpeed Telecom is providing high-bandwidth, uncontended, symmetrical services to fulfil this need, and its licensed wireless radio technology will ensure that doctors and consultants nationwide have access to diagnostic images from Vista Primary Care.

“We required a high bandwidth wireless based network, and given AirSpeed Telecom’s expertise in the wireless area, we decided it was best positioned to provide us with a reliable solution,” said Darragh Kettle, business and commercial activities manager at Vista Primary Care. “Vista Primary Care has the assurance it needs that medical images can be safely and securely transmitted to doctors and consultants nationwide.”

AirSpeed Telecom’s licensed wireless network is a proven alternative to traditional networks, and also has the advantage of offering an uncontended high-bandwidth service of up to 800Mbps, which is uniquely dedicated to business customer use only.

AirSpeed Telecom’s new contract win follows a recent contract award with The National Cancer Screening Service (NCSS) to provide a back-up network for BreastCheck – The National Breast Screening Programme.

“Due to the critical nature of their diagnostic services, AirSpeed Telecom can guarantee a reliable, safe and secure radio transmission of medical images which meets all of their requirements,” said Liam O’Kelly, managing director of AirSpeed Telecom.

AirSpeed Telecom recently invested €2.3m in their network as part of a multimillion euro long-term investment plan, which demonstrates the company’s commitment to remain at the leading edge of radio transmission service provision in Ireland.

This investment involved the addition of 23 high site locations to the network, providing a platform for greater national reach.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years