Apple sells more than 2m copies of Leopard

31 Oct 2007

Apple revealed last night that it sold more than two million copies of its Mac Operating System (OS) X Leopard over the first weekend since its release on Friday.

The sales outstrip first weekend sales of OS X Tiger which is the most successful operating system release in Apple’s history.

Copies of Leopard were sold by authorised resellers, on Apple’s website, under maintenance agreements and bundled with new Mac computers.

“Early indications are that Leopard will be a huge hit with customers,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Leopard’s innovative features are getting great reviews and making more people than ever think about switching to the Mac.”

Leopard is the sixth major release of Mac OS X and comes with 300 new features, including Time Machine, an effortless way to automatically back up everything on a Mac and a redesigned Finder that lets users quickly browse and share files between multiple Macs.

It also includes Quick Look, a new way to instantly see files without opening an application; Spaces, an intuitive new feature used to create groups of applications and instantly switch between them; a brand new desktop with Stacks, a new way to easily access files from the Dock; and enhancements to Mail and iChat.

By John Kennedy