BT to buy BIC Systems for €25m

17 Sep 2004

BT Northern Ireland has beefed up its services business by buying BIC Systems Group Ltd for £17m sterling (€25m) in cash.

A Microsoft Business Partner with a large training arm, BIC Systems is one of the largest IT services groups in Northern Ireland active in both the public and private sectors. It also operates in the Republic.

BT Northern Ireland chief executive, Bill Murphy, described the deal as good for both BT and BIC Systems.

“I believe the acquisition will create a company of incomparable experience at a time when Northern Ireland’s IT future looks bright and when IT skills have never been more essential,” he said.

“The joint capabilities of both organisations will offer exciting opportunities for business and operations throughout the island, both for the public and private sectors.”

Ed Vernon, chief executive of BIC Systems Ltd, commented: “The international IT marketplace is a tough and competitive environment. In agreeing to sell to BT we will create a new ICT company capable of delivering real shareholder value and excellent and innovative products and services to our customers. BT Northern Ireland brings superb skills and expertise to this combination. Together we will raise the ICT level in Northern Ireland and that can only be good for the public and private sectors.”

A decision has been taken to retain the well known BIC Systems Group Ltd brand following the acquisition.

Set up in 1984, BIC Systems has offices in Belfast and Dublin and employs more than 200 staff.

By Brian Skelly