ChangingWorlds in deal with Swiss mobile player

25 May 2004

Swisscom Mobile has chosen UCD software company ChangingWorlds to deliver its advanced personalisation, intelligent navigation and portal management solution on the Swisscom Mobile Vodafone live! portal.

ChangingWorlds’ ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform technology will make it easier for Swisscom’s 3.7m customers to access mobile content and services most relevant to them.

ChangingWorlds’ intelligent navigation helps users to locate content on a mobile portal more efficiently, by effectively restructuring the portal in response to their access patterns. Sites and services accessed regularly by a user are actively promoted to higher positions within the portal and, over time, the structure of the portal will adapt to the (changing) usage patterns of each individual user.

ClixSmart also caters for Swisscom Mobile’s multi-lingual requirements. Due to Switzerland’s geographical location and cultural diversity, language varies from area to area. It is therefore vitally important that Swisscom Mobile’s Vodafone live! caters for all local languages. ClixSmart delivers the Swisscom Mobile Vodafone live! portal in four languages: German, French, Italian and English. The ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform enables multi-lingual portals to be built and deployed rapidly, and (when used in conjunction with ClixSmart Navigator), allows operators to configure the personalization parameters of the portal and of individual menu items. All Switzerland’s languages are supported and it is possible to switch between languages when creating menus, content pages and links.

Luke Conroy, CEO of ChangingWorlds said: “This deployment of the ClixSmart Intelligent Portal Platform will enable Swisscom Mobile to grow data revenues from its customer base. While it is a strong requirement for mobile operators to aggregate content and brand it, it is essential that it be made readily available to the end-user in an intelligent, personalized and relevant manner.

“ClixSmart ultimately leads to a ‘sticky’ mobile portal that will enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting in greater mobile data usage and revenues for the operator. We are delighted to work with the most progressive and innovative operator in Switzerland and to help Swisscom Mobile to continue to deliver innovative services to its customers,” he said.

By John Kennedy