Derry firm creates eBay sales and inventory tools for businesses

7 Mar 2012

Derry-based technology company SellerExpress, which makes tools for businesses to sell goods on the Amazon Marketplace and other online markets, has created a new eBay integration module.

SellerExpress allows firms that want to sell online to list all of their inventory across multiple marketplaces without the headache of managing stock levels. When a product is sold on one marketplace, SellerExpress will quickly and automatically update your stock levels on all marketplaces.

The company says beta customers who have been testing the eBay module ahead of its release agree that the upgrade to SellerExpress offers improved performance, as well as huge potential for increased sales and profits though integration with the world’s largest marketplace.

“This is a huge step for SellerExpress, opening up another great marketplace to our customers,” Emma Robinson, a member of the SellerExpress Support team, said.

“We’ll be here to help all our customers get up and running smoothly with the new eBay functionality.”

The eBay module will be made available to both existing and new customers on registration. The company enables firms to sell on eight different online markets, including Amazon, and eBay in a variety of countries worldwide.

“This new development allows our customers to use all of their existing features with eBay, as well as opening the door to new customers. It’s a major step forward for SellerExpress and our customers,” Ryan McDermott, a member of the SellerExpress development team, said.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years