Digg co-founder Kevin Rose to join Google?

15 Mar 2012

Tech entrepreneur Kevin Rose, who co-founded Digg, Pownce and Milk, has reportedly been hired by Google. It follows Milk’s recent closure of its app Oink.

AllThingsD reports that Rose and a number of other staff members from Milk will join Google. It’s unclear as to what will happen to Milk after the hires take place.

Rose is a US technology entrepreneur who founded a number of companies, such as Digg and Pownce. He was a host on San Francisco cable channel TechTV along with podcast Diggnation. He also invested in companies such as Zynga, Foursquare and Twitter.

His recent company Milk launched an app called Oink four months ago, which allowed users to rate not only places but things through the app. It was downloaded 150,000 times in just over a month, however, the start-up decided to shut it down, saying that the app was just a test and that the company was aimed at rapidly trying new ideas.

If the report is accurate, then this hire could prove useful for Google as it tries to expand its social media presence on the web through Google+. Google had planned to acquire Digg in 2008, however the deal fell through.