Dublin-based software player expands into Boston

25 Oct 2005

A two year-old Dublin-based recruitment software company today revealed that it is expanding to create a new office in Boston. Candidate Manager has reported a tripling in sales over the past year and its software is now live in more than 50 companies worldwide.

The company’s software, which it claims can cut the external recruitment costs for a company by over 90pc, has currently more than 2,950 users across 75 organisations in 52 countries.

Irish based clients include some of the country’s top blue chip companies: AIB capital markets, Meteor, Vodafone, Hibernian Group, Dublin Institute of Technology, BDO Simpson Xavier and Statoil. Globally the portfolio includes APC, Digicel and ESB International.

From unsolicited applications to ongoing vacancies, internal restructuring and graduate recruitment programmes, the software allows clients to develop, store and attach application forms to vacancies. It also enables human resource (HR) managers to instantly rank, filter and store candidates, track their progress through the recruitment process and communicate with them easily and quickly. It also enables them to manage the entire process using a single web-based system even if multiple HR staff are involved, generate reports to measure performance of the entire recruitment process and to develop a centralised searchable talent pool database. Delivered as an ASP solution, it can be implemented without large capital investment.

The company’s CEO, Ken Fitzpatrick, explained: “Candidate Manager is a unique product for the enterprise reducing time to hire, lowering recruitment costs and crucially increasing quality per hire. There is a proven link between talent and financial performance; therefore organisations need to recruit the best people quickly and cost effectively.”

Candidate Manager emerged as a spin-off from the IrishJobs Group two years ago and employs 20 people in Dublin and Edinburgh. Denis O’Brien and Leslie Buckley are understood to have backed the firm in recent years with a €1m investment.

Flynn continued: “We are on an expansion drive. By setting up a base in Boston, Candidate Manager is spearheading growth in the US and reinforcing its position as a leading provider of recruitment software in a global market.”

The Boston office will be headed up by Gary Flynn, vice-president of sales. Flynn said he aims to accelerate growth of Candidate Manager in the US market. He commented: “We expect to make a major impact in the US. Our software allows companies to reduce recruitment administration by up to 75pc and cut recruitment costs by up to 90pc. At present, one of our clients is saving 94pc on recruitment costs.”

By John Kennedy