Is self-professed ‘Facebook co-founder’ hiding in Galway?

11 Aug 2011

Paul Ceglia, who sued Facebook claiming he owns half of the company, is reportedly living in Galway as the lawsuit continues. However, his Irish uncle denies this.

Ceglia claims to have a major stake of Facebook following a contract he said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed with him in 2003.

However, Facebook hit back saying it found the “authentic contract” between Ceglia and Zuckerberg which disproves his claims. It said Ceglia was hired in 2003 for work on Zuckerberg’s StreetFax company which was unrelated to Facebook.

Irish Central reports that court documents stated that Irish-American Ceglia is living in Galway at present. Facebook is charging him for keeping electronic storage devices from it and alleges he intentionally tried to hide them.

However, his uncle Frank Keaveney, based in Tuam, told the Connacht Tribune he is not lying low in Ireland and says he is not “on the run.”

Ceglia’s family lived in Ireland in the 1980s, before they emigrated back to the US. They are now in Buffalo, New York.

Photo: Paul Ceglia