MinuteBuyer in €300k Midlands deal

16 Mar 2007

Telecoms broker MinuteBuyer has won a €300,000 contract with insurance firm One Direct’s Athlone-based call centre that will help reduce the centre’s phone costs by 40pc.

This is the first time that One Direct has outsourced the management of its inbound voice traffic. The company receives thousands of calls daily to its 1890 number.

MinuteBuyer director Shaun Hayden said the deal is expected to save One Direct an average of 40pc in the first year of this three-year deal.

“One Direct’s strategy is to get customers to ring it. It effectively went out to the market for facilitating its 1890 service and we were able to place their service with a number of other tier one carriers for quite substantial savings.

“The backup and resilience of the service was also important as a company like One Direct cannot afford to have any downtime,” Hayden added.

Hayden said that he was surprised at the number of companies that are not yet aware of the cost savings they can make by switching or reviewing their telecoms offering.

“Inertia alone is costing them money,” he warned.

By John Kennedy