Moog and Korg make apps free to ease social distancing boredom

16 Mar 2020

Image: © ARCTERA/

Moog and Korg are offering two of their apps for free this month to help entertain the large numbers of people who are engaging in social distancing to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

On Friday (13 March), electronic musical instrument manufacturers Korg and Moog announced that they would be making two of their iOS apps free to download until 31 March, to busy some of the idle hands that are looking for entertainment as pubs and small businesses shut across Europe and the US.

Many businesses have been closed as a measure to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, and with significant numbers now working from home, there are many people now realising that there’s only so much Netflix that a person can watch.

Future Human

Moog and Korg are likely the first of many companies to offer freebies to attract new customers and keep existing users entertained as large measures are taken to protect public health.

Some other companies have since taken some customer-friendly approaches during the crisis, with US telecoms businesses Comcast and T-Mobile announcing that they are suspending internet data caps for the next 60 days to keep people connected for education, work and leisure.

The free apps

When announcing that its Minimoog Model D app would be made free to iOS users, Moog described the move as “a gift to spread positivity, creativity and expressivity”.

In a statement of its own, Korg said that its Kaossilator apps for both Android an iOS will be made free. The Japanese company said: “Schools, workplaces and meetings worldwide have been requested to close by their respective governments and so many people are working from home.

“To help you with a musical way to occupy your mind, we have decided to make the Kaossilator app for iOS and Android free of charge for a limited time (iOS version: through 31 March, 2020. Android version: From March 13 to March 20, 2020).

In a statement, Korg said: “The Kaossilator apps are tools that let you create music by using, moving and swiping a single finger – and you don’t need any knowledge to get started. Many users worldwide have been enjoying their Kaossilator app for many years because it is fun, educational and satisfying.”

Kelly Earley was a journalist with Silicon Republic