Sony is profitable again — PS4 soars while smartphones struggle

29 Oct 2015

PlayStation 4 consoles are flying off the shelves for Sony

Japanese tech giant Sony has reported a 33.6bn yen ($278m) profit just a year after reporting a 136bn yen loss. The company is seeing strong demand for its PlayStation 4 and image sensor products but is struggling in smartphones.

The earnings were boosted by a weaker yen against the US dollar.

Overall revenues were down slightly by 0.5pc to 892.7bn yen ($15.7bn).

Sony’s Games and Network Services Group saw sales rise 16.5pc driven by demand for PlayStation 4 products.

Sales were also up in Sony’s Imaging Products & Solutions (IP&S) group.

But Sony Mobile revenue fell by 15pc to 279.2bn yen ($231m).

“In the Mobile Communications segment, sales decreased primarily due to a significant decrease in smartphone unit sales resulting from a strategic decision not to pursue scale in order to improve profitability,” Sony said.

PlayStation 4 image via Shutterstock


John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years