Travelodge aims to cut IT costs by 20pc via outsourcing deal

23 Apr 2010

Irish-owned budget hotel chain Travelodge has signed a new managed services agreement with Hibernia Evros Technology Group to fully outsource its IT requirements.

Travelodge and HiberniaEvros estimate that they can cut the hotel group’s IT costs by at least 20pc through the deal.

“We operate a low-cost business model in a highly competitive, price sensitive market so we need to minimise all costs,” said Richard O’Sullivan of Travelodge. “Apart from the undoubted cost benefits, outsourcing our IT allows us to concentrate and focus on our core business.”

“Travelodge is one of many companies which are beginning to realise the major advantages of outsourcing IT,” added Caroline Godsil, joint managing director, Hibernia Evros Technology Group.

Under the agreement, which covers 55 users, HiberniaEvros will provide 24/7 support for Travelodge servers, network, backups and security. Travelodge staff will also have direct access to a HiberniaEvros service desk.

In a recent survey, HiberniaEvros found that 63pc of Irish firms listed ‘focus on core business’ in the top 2 reasons for outsourcing. Cost saving was the second most popular reason, mentioned in their top 2 choices by 51pc.

Photo: Caroline Godsil, joint managing director, Hibernia Evros Technology Group

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