Xerox launches ‘green calculator’

27 Mar 2008

Xerox has launched a new proprietary software tool to help companies calculate and reduce their impact on the environment.

Called the Sustainability Calculator, it allows companies to assess the contribution of their printers and photocopiers to energy consumption and waste creation.

According to Xerox Office Services, the tool provides customers the first, fact-based measurement of their environmental footprint. It tracks document technology not only from Xerox but also from its competitors.

Using proprietary algorithms and document assessment research, the calculator delivers data about a company’s entire fleet of printers, copiers and multi-function devices.

After the initial analysis, customers can get Xerox to advise on creating energy savings and waste reductions.

“The same people who are environmentally conscious at home are starting to bring this awareness to work, but in many cases, they didn’t know where to start,” said John Kelly, president, Xerox global services North America. “We designed the Sustainability Calculator to be an effective environmental assessment tool.

“It provides customers with actionable recommendations to help them achieve their ‘green’ objectives and in doing so realise cost savings and efficiency gains that come with an optimised office environment.”

“The goal for the Xerox Sustainability Calculator is to point customers in the right direction, to identify opportunities where the reduced impact to the environment can be balanced with boosting the bottom line,” said Patricia Calkins, vice-president of environment, health and safety, Xerox. “We coupled our long-standing innovative leadership in the area of sustainability with our deep knowledge of the office environment to create a tool to help our customers save resources.”

A scaled-down version of the comprehensive calculator was launched yesterday on Xerox’s website at

By Niall Bryne