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10 memes only a programmer will understand

13 May 2015

This week’s closer look at a STEM profession looks at programming, which scores 19 on a Scrabble board before even contemplating the fact that you’ve probably used up all your pieces (bonus 50).

Coding, at a basic level, is the language of but a select few in today’s world. And, considering we’re so reliant on the work they do, that’s quite scary.

But fret not, little ones, for now kids up and down the land are being taught this from a very early age. So the days of programmer power are soon to end, or at least soon to dilute.

Until then, masters of Python, Ruby, Java, C, C++, Javascript, PHP etc… will continue to shape the way we browse the web, log in to our accounts and send pictures of our pets to friends and strangers.

What they do: Programmers fall down two pretty broad lines. Back-end programmers do all the under-appreciated work, establishing how to create profiles, access points etc… for all the online resources you so rely upon.

Front-end programmers work on all the snazzy Javascript that you may not be aware you rely on so much when killing time on StumbleUpon.

What they don’t do: Enjoy having to answer to you.

Education requirements: At the very minimum a degree in computer science or computer applications is needed, but beyond that some personal side projects are the real differentiators with regards to getting ahead of the game.

Skills: An awful lot of computing knowledge. An awful lot.

Salary: In Ireland it’s a case of name your price.

Below are some jokes that on the whole you may get, but in truth only a programmer will understand. A bit like site development!

Different types of Coding

Programmers scale - project completeness over time (graph)

Magic toilet door code

Client, tester and manager tigers hunt developer turkey

Programmer's tan lines

Band called 1023 will never get a gig

SQL query - can I join you?

Female Male Programmer

Pun Dog SEO expert walks into a bar

Difference between bugs and features


Angry man at a computer image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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