Here are 7 wearable technology jobs that could change the world

22 May 2015

As technology evolves so too does the way we work. As communication services improve we learn new ways to get ideas across, new approaches to processing information and, ultimately, to shape our society.

For example there’s an entire industry – perhaps more established than any other in the infant internet of things (IoT) world at the moment – that produces countless gadgets for people in sport.

Elsewhere, clothing now comes with sensors, shoes with trackers, kitchen appliances with Bluetooth connectivity, lamps that charge phones etc… Wearable technology is everywhere.

But what professions are shaping this? Who determines the next step?

Standard technophobic fears of robots taking over the world will increase, worries about overly-connected communications will continue, all while people of a particular skillset push the boat out further.

This detailed infographic, which first appeared on the Adecco USA website, perhaps tells the tale best.

It explains how engineers will play a huge part in healthcare, AI programmers in ‘smart’ transport, software engineers in emergency response areas, data analysts in retail, systems engineers in the food chain, and even designers in policing.


Firemen at work image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt
By Gordon Hunt

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