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How do we deal with the dawn of the robot age?

18 May 2018

Are you prepared for the dawn of AI? Is automation going to displace workers? We examined all this and more this week in the Careers section.

It’s Automation Week here at, a week in which we put a spotlight on some of the most amazing developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technology.

It’s difficult to have uncomplicated feelings about the advent of the AI revolution. You can’t just simply marvel at the advances of human scientific endeavour and move on, because the larger implications of these kinds of technologies could drastically alter how we live.

It’s so monumental that leading AI researchers have posited that the development of AI will be as revolutionary as the dawn of electricity.

There is a particular anxiety in general across the working population over how this will affect the economy. More specifically, will a robot take your job?

In Careers this week, we examined all aspects of how automation could affect the future of work. We heard from Jacky Carter, the group digital engagement director at Hays, who talked about how workers can ensure they stay relevant when automation arrives.

We also sat down with EY’s Laurence Buchanan to chat about how employees and employers alike will feel the effects of automation and AI technology in coming years.

Have you ever wanted to work at a robotics lab? We headed down to the robotic process automation lab at Bank of Ireland to see what it’s like there.

As head of production engineering at eShopWorld, John O’Connell is at the forefront of transformations in the industry, but there are certain technologies that he feels really changed the way he and his cohorts work.

Keeping in the spirit of Automation Week, we also compiled this list of some of the most exciting firms hiring in AI right now.

Meanwhile, we heard from Anthony Day, COO of the EMEA blockchain lab at Deloitte. He moved to Dublin from Norfolk more than two years ago and has found his adopted home to be everything he was hoping it would be and more.

Finally, Cork-headquartered NRG Awareness revealed that 70 jobs will be created within the next two years in response to increased market demand. This follows on from SaaS player announcing late last week that 85 new positions would be created in Belfast at a new development and support hub for some of its upcoming products.

Japanese robot figure. Image: Krikkiat/Shutterstock

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Eva Short
By Eva Short

Eva Short was a journalist at Silicon Republic, specialising in the areas of tech, data privacy, business, cybersecurity, AI, automation and future of work, among others.

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