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The dos and don’ts of building a successful sci-tech career

16 Mar 2017

It can be hard to know how to be successful in your career. Some of these tips may just set you on the right path.

Do you want to be successful? How are you going to achieve that? This week, we took a look at some of the tips and tricks that could help you find a career path to success.

We presented a how-to guide for getting your start in UX, from building a network to learning the software.

We heard from Intel process engineer Aine Munroe, who spoke about her career path and gave some tips for succeeding in tech.

Part of being successful is never giving up – something espoused by the Women ReBoot campaign, which strives to encourage women to return to work after taking time out from the IT sector.

But we also dove into the things that can prevent a successful career. Looking at the barriers to success in DevOps, we highlighted what can get in your way and offered some solutions to avoid them.

Sometimes, building a successful sci-tech career has less to do with you and more to do with your employer, so we gathered some tips that will help employers ensure their workers are happy. You’re welcome.

But that wasn’t all we did on the employer front. We looked at CSR, and how Dropbox is using it to support the local community in Dublin.

Of course, we covered some of the employers currently hiring in Ireland, with announcements coming in from SmartBear, ClaimVantage and MongoDB.

We also took a trip to Career Zoo, where we spoke to Killian O’Driscoll, director of NIBRT, about the state of biotech in Ireland. We asked some of the top employers there on the day what makes candidates stand out for them.

Finally, we celebrated some successes in academia, as three Irish universities were awarded the coveted Athena SWAN award – an honour bestowed on institutions that are particularly active in advancing gender equality.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. How to start your UX career in five easy(ish) steps

UX design is an exciting career track, but how do you get your career off to the strong start it deserves? Aaron Fazulak, CEO of Designation Labs, has some tips for you.

2. The wonderful networking opportunity that is working in tech

Sometimes, it seems as though tech workers have been placed on pedestals. But how do you get to know the people behind the tech?

3. Women ReBoot is bringing women back to work in tech

The IT sector has two problems: a lack of women in the industry and a severe skills shortage. A simple solution (at least on paper) would be to encourage more women to join, or rejoin, the tech industry.

4. 10 barriers that prevent success in DevOps

While DevOps is increasing in popularity across the IT sector, there are several barriers standing in the way of its successful implementation.

5. How to keep your employees happy

Employers want the best talent. They also want maximum productivity, and a product or service that they can be proud of. What is the key ingredient to ensuring all of these things are achieved? Employee happiness.

6. Dropbox: Lending our good fortune to the community

When a jobseeker is comparing potential employers, it’s not always salary or benefits that makes the difference – CSR can be the deciding factor. Here, Dropbox’s Lucy Reddan gives us an overview of the work the tech giant is doing in the community.

7. SmartBear to create 25 jobs at new software centre in Galway

SmartBear has plans to open a new software development centre, aiming to employ 100 people in Galway by 2019.

8. Fintech firm ClaimVantage bringing new roles to Sandyford hub

With a growth of 60pc, ClaimVantage is adding 10 new positions to its workforce in an attempt to satisfy growing demand for its claim management software.

9. MongoDB to double staff in Dublin, says CEO

Database software leader MongoDB is to double its staff from 75 people to more than 150 in the next year, CEO Dev Ittycheria told

10. More than 8,000 biotech jobs expected in next five years

The biopharma industry has grown massively in recent years. With large manufacturing plants being built and a huge influx of investments, the biotech and pharma sectors will give jobseekers plenty of opportunities.

11. What are the top sci-tech companies looking for?

With some of the biggest sci-tech and biopharma companies in the country at Career Zoo, we asked them what makes a candidate stand out.

12. Three Irish universities win Athena SWAN awards

DCU, UCD and UL have been honoured with Athena SWAN awards for creating a level playing field for academic careers.

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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