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How to land the job of your dreams: A step-by-step guide

2 Dec 2016

Amid a burst of jobs announcements across Ireland, we took a look at the entire job-search process and examined working life.

As the Irish tech jobs market begins to taper off heading into the Christmas period, we seemed to be having one last big winter blowout.

More than 700 jobs were announced this week, from the 400 at Voxpro and 200 at LinkedIn to the 17 at CloudMigrator365.

Luckily for anyone interested in taking up one of those jobs, this week saw us navigating our way through (almost) the entire process of getting hired.

You’ve almost certainly heard this before but, before you even get started on the job search, you had better clean up your online presence – recruiters will be looking.

Once that’s done, it’s time to jump feet-first into the search. In the tech jobs market, there can be a lot of opportunities. How can you make your search more manageable? HubSpot’s ConnectED event had the answer.

If this is your first job in tech, it can be easiest to start out in a graduate programme. Patrick Aherne, a graduate working at Version 1, gave us some insight into the benefits of a good grad programme.

A suitable alternative might be Limerick Institute of Technology’s new engineering apprenticeship-to-degree scheme.

Whether you’re a total newbie, or are a little further along the road, some pieces of advice will remain relevant as you seek work. Chief among these, perhaps, is the need to develop a strong personal brand.

Let’s say you get the first job you applied for (because you nailed that interview). You’re six months in and the stress is mounting up. How can you reduce it, and make your work day a little more relaxed? We have some pointers.

Making a change

But what if that doesn’t work? What if you’re just not happy? We also detailed the eight ways you can know if it’s time to quit your job.

So you’re back on the market and you’re looking for something you’ll enjoy more. Well, be careful what you look for.

This week, Hays released its Salary Guide for 2017. The main takeaway? Even though half of employees are unhappy with their current salaries, the possibility for future opportunities might be more important than those very same salaries.

So you find your next opportunity, but this time around, you didn’t get the job. This week, we detailed some of the things that may have gotten in your way.

Now that you have all of that knowledge, why not put it to the test? We profiled six of the top companies hiring in fintech right now. Perhaps one of them would be a good fit. Unsure? Why don’t you see if you have the necessary skills?

If not, don’t worry. This week, we learned that jobs in the fintech sector are in constant flux (and are augmenting traditional banking jobs) – if none of them suit you now, it might just be a matter of time.

But if you can’t wait, maybe something tangentially related to fintech would work instead. At October’s Career Zoo, we spoke to Barry James, customer analytics manager at Bank of Ireland, about the opportunities that data in banking presents. This week, we published that interview.

Finally, we heard from Barbara McCarthy, head of engineering at HubSpot, who wrote an impassioned post on slashing stereotypes and embracing diversity in tech.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. How to find your first tech job

HubSpot’s ConnectED event helped university students get on the right road to finding their first tech job after they graduate. But where can you start?

2. At Version 1, a grad programme that feels like anything but

How do you bridge the gap between college and a real-world tech job? Patrick Aherne is in a graduate role at Version 1. Here, he tells us why the IT services company has been a good fit for him.

3. How to perfect your personal brand

You might not put a lot of thought into your personal brand, especially if you’ve been with the same company for a while. But, whether you’re thinking of making a job move, or just having some self-reflection, Jenna Alexander of Hays Recruitment says there’s never been a better time to perfect your personal brand.

4. Feeling the burnout? Here’s how to reduce your stress

We’re almost at the end of the year. Your work calendar is running out of days, and stress levels are peaking. Here are eight ways to relieve stress and stay focused for the final few weeks of work before Christmas.

5. I quit! 8 signs you need to leave your job

Has your work unhappiness hit its peak? If you hand in your notice now, you can start fresh in January with a brand new job.

6. Future opportunities are almost as important as salaries

While salaries are still the main reason employees want to leave their current jobs, 22pc cite a lack of future opportunities as an incentive to move.

7. My interview was brilliant – why didn’t I get the job?

It happens to the best of us. You perfected your CV, you practised your interview skills and you presented your best self. They loved you! So why didn’t you get the job?

8. 6 companies hiring in fintech right now

What does the fintech industry have to offer those seeking employment? We’re looking at some of the top companies recruiting for fintech candidates right now.

9. Careers in the fintech sector are in a state of flux

Fintech has become the new poster child of the financial industry, but what does that mean for those working in banking or insurance? Are jobs under threat or is a new wave of tech roles about to land?

10. Want to tell stories with data? At Bank of Ireland, you can

As the face of banking changes, jobs in the banking sector change with it. Bank of Ireland’s Barry James gives us some insight into what the bank looks for from tech talent.

11. Superheroes in the making: Why we need to slash tech stereotypes

As the tech sector begins to face up to its diversity problem, Barbara McCarthy, director of engineering at HubSpot, explains why it’s so important to rid tech of its stereotypes.

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Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

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