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9 Jun 2017

Interested in working in science or tech? Have we got news for you!

While the number of jobs announced this week was down on recent weeks, those that were brought to market came from across the board: tech, medical devices and biopharma.

Big announcements came from online vouchers company Smartbox and medical device start-up Nova Leah, with DSM, Netwatch and HealthBeacon rounding out the rest.

We also may be set for an influx of start-up jobs, as Brexit sends European start-ups scurrying from London in search of a safe port of call.

If you’re interested in any of those roles, you might need to brush up on your phone interview skills. Our handy guide should help you there.

But, before you get to that interview stage, you need to be prepared for whatever sector you’re interested in joining.

This week, we looked at building a tech career, starting from the very beginning: primary school. editor John Kennedy began the week with a long, hard look at the Irish education system, arguing that it’s letting down those students who could excel in tech careers. He is all for introducing coding classes – and classes that develop critical thinking skills – to students of all ages in primary and secondary education.

But, of course, there isn’t a magic age at which we should stop learning these lessons, either. We heard from Brian O’Grady, Code Institute, about what coders need to know to stay relevant in software development, and to remain an attractive proposition for recruiters.

Which brings us neatly to some advice for those who are actively seeking new jobs. We spoke to Hays Recruitment’s James Milligan, who proffered up some tips for those who are feeling stuck in a rut in their current jobs and want to advance their careers.

MSD medical director Colm Galligan offered some further advice: stay curious. If you feel like you’re stuck in the wrong job, or have just discovered that your career path is leading in a direction that you’re unhappy with, cast around for something that resonates more. You may just find your dream job.

We also got a little more role-specific in our advice. Karen Church, Intercom product analytics senior manager and upcoming Inspirefest 2017 speaker, offered some tips for aspiring data scientists. Aaron Cotter, senior software engineer at Liberty IT, gave us some insight into his role and let us in on the secret of how he gets through his workload.

And we got news of a NIBRT-GE collaboration, which will see the creation of a biopharma centre fit to train 1,500 professionals per year.

Finally, we heard from Periscope Data’s Rya Sciban, who gave some great motivational advice for women who are interested in working in tech: just don’t sell yourself short.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. Online gift voucher firm Smartbox bringing 100 jobs to Dublin

With 2,000 sq ft added to its office in Dublin, Smartbox is set for an expansion, which will create 100 jobs and bring the company’s total number of employees above 500 by the end of this year.

2. Medical device security start-up Nova Leah to create 78 new jobs

Nova Leah, a recent Start-up of the Week, is to create 78 new jobs as the importance of securing medical equipment reaches new heights following recent cyberattacks.

3. Could Brexit push London’s European start-up talent to Ireland?

London may be the epicentre of tech in Europe, but London start-ups would be nothing without the talented people from the EU and elsewhere who work in these ventures. London fintech businesses may need to look at opening offices in Dublin in order to avoid losing highly skilled talent when Brexit becomes a reality.

4. 13 tips to help you nail your next phone interview

There are a couple of worries that come with a phone interview. Will you be able to communicate your point as well as you would in person? What if your voice sounds weird on the phone? Luckily, there are a few techniques and tips to help you nail a phone interview.

5. Digital skills and thinking skills needed in our schools

We need digital skills on the curriculum, but we need our kids to think critically too, writes John Kennedy.

6. Jack of all trades or master of one: Which is better for coding?

With so many languages in the world of coding, is it better to specialise or stay general? Brian O’Grady of Code Institute shares his thoughts on what you should do as a software developer.

7. Feeling stuck? Here’s how to advance your tech career

Have you hit a wall in your tech career? Here’s how to get back on track.

8. How can you find your dream career? Stay curious

Colm Galligan, medical director at MSD, started out as a doctor. When he discovered that wasn’t for him, he decided to think outside the box. Curiosity was the thing that brought him to where he is now: pharma.

9. If you want to work with data, you need to get your hands dirty

As a data science leader, Karen Church knows all about the many ways data can be used in the world, along with the trends that are coming over the horizon for anyone entering the data science sphere.

10. As a software engineer, problem-solving is paramount

Do you know what it’s like working as a software engineer? Allow Liberty IT’s Aaron Cotter to shed some light on his day job.

11. NIBRT-GE biopharma centre to train 1,500 professionals per year

The National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) and GE Healthcare have opened a new training centre where up to 1,500 professionals are expected to receive training annually. The training activities are expected to be operational in autumn 2017 and are now open for registration.

12. Women in tech: Do not underestimate yourself

Rya Sciban was one of the first data analysts that Periscope Data hired. Now, she’s the project manager for the company.

Kirsty Tobin
By Kirsty Tobin

Kirsty Tobin served as careers editor of Silicon Republic from 2015 up to August 2017. When she was younger, she had a dream where she started and won a fight with a T-Rex, so she’s pretty sure she kicked butt at this, too. Passions include eating all the cake, watching more TV than is healthy and sassy comebacks.

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