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Irish professionals choosing UK, with Brazilians filling the gaps

21 Dec 2016

New research from LinkedIn has shown that the UK is the main attraction for emigrating professionals from Ireland, with healthcare, architect and engineering professionals making the jump.

Ireland is losing more healthcare, architectural and engineering professionals to the UK than it is gaining, with LinkedIn’s latest figures showing a general net loss to the country in 2016.

According to the report, 28pc of total emigrant professionals chose the UK, with the US, Canada, Germany and Spain rounding out the top five destinations of choice.

The UK is sending plenty of professionals Ireland’s way, but LinkedIn claims it’s a net loss for Ireland.

However, in terms of attracting talent from other countries, Ireland is largely in profit. The software sector, unsurprisingly, is attracting the most foreign talent.

The general skills gap has created a chasm that needs filling, with governmental initiatives already in place to attract talent from beyond the easy-to-access EU.

According to LinkedIn, India, France, Brazil and Italy respectively accounted for the largest contribution of professionals moving to take up positions in the Irish software sector.

Cloud computing and big data are two particular skill areas that LinkedIn highlights as key talents required in Ireland.

The top five industries that experienced the largest growth in terms of professional immigration in the period were software, architecture and engineering, healthcare, hardware, and energy.

Isobel Hannan of Hays Recruitment recently told about the various questions professionals need to ask themselves before relocating for work. The key one is to consider where their skills are most in demand, so, if people have experience in the above five areas, Ireland seems a decent bet.

“If you haven’t yet been offered a role by your current or potential employer, but are curious to find an overseas opportunity yourself, find out where your skills are most in demand first,” she said.

“Your skills could be needed in a number of dream destinations. Do your research, make a shortlist and go from there. The 2016 Hays Global Skills Index could help you to identify skills shortages around the world.”

Sharon McCooey, senior director of international operations at LinkedIn Ireland, thinks the net migration into the country highlights a recovery of sorts, something that looked a distant dream less than a decade ago.

“The Irish technology sector is still attracting more skilled workers than any other industry, underlining the fantastic reputation that the country has established internationally in this space,” she said.

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