Michael Dell to step down

5 Mar 2004

Twenty years after an ambitious teenager started a computer company from his bedroom that now posts sales of US$41.4bn, the CEO of Dell Computer, Michael Dell, is stepping down from his CEO position but will remain on as chairman.

Dell, which employs 4,000 people in Ireland, has been the most profitable computer systems company since 1997 and Michael Dell’s principle of zero inventory and ruthless cost efficiencies spared the company the torment that virtually flattened the industry during the major economic meltdown of 2001.

At a meeting of Dell’s board of directors in New York yesterday, Kevin Rollins, up until now chief operator officer, president and Michael Dell’s principal right-hand man, was elected the new CEO of Dell. Rollins’ appointment will become effective at the company’s AGM in July.

It is understood that Michael Dell will remain deeply involved in the company’s day-to-day business as chairman of the board, leaving intact a unique, successful “two-in-a-box” senior management structure.

The company said the pending title change is consistent with current primary roles: Michael Dell emphasising trends in technology and customer preference, including research and development, and Rollins leading company strategy and operations.

By John Kennedy

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