How to make the best of new opportunities
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How to make the best of new opportunities that come your way

10 Nov 2017

Seizing new opportunities was a central theme this week in the Careers section. There were jobs announcements abound, and a number of perspectives on starting afresh in Irish tech.

New opportunities may be brimming with promise, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t challenging.

Adjusting to a new schedule, a new job or even a new country can be difficult to navigate. It necessitates establishing a new normal for yourself, developing new habits (or getting out of old ones) and forging new relationships. It is often as taxing as it is exciting.

Though there is still some of 2017 left, the plunging temperatures and darkening days do signal that we are coming towards the end of one year and, in turn, preparing to greet the next.

The Careers section ended up inadvertently revolving around the theme of new beginnings this week, albeit in multiple iterations.

The joyous news of new positions becoming available across the country brings with it opportunities for people to either advance or begin their careers.

Aylien, an exciting AI start-up based in Dublin, happily announced the creation of 70 new jobs in Dublin, along with news of a €2m investment led by the Atlantic Bridge University Fund.

Also in Dublin, Irish office tech firm Digicom announced its intention to expand its team by 30 and take on new global clients.

MetLife revealed this week that it is currently in the process of recruiting 200 highly skilled IT professionals for its new Galway campus.

We also got to hear from those who have already undertaken a big transition and started with a new company.

Sinéad O’Doherty regaled us with her experience of interning at Kemp Technologies and spoke of how the company truly fostered her development and made her feel at home.

Though not a recent transition, Ruben Carvalho spoke to us about moving from Portugal to Ireland, and his experience working with Fidelity Investments.

As always, for more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. What can an internship at Kemp Technologies teach you?

Sinéad O’Doherty had heard great things about Kemp Technologies before starting her internship, but never could have imagined just how nurturing an environment it would prove to be.

2. AI start-up Aylien announces €2m investment and 70 new jobs 

Data science firm Aylien, which specialises in producing machine learning methods for analysing large swathes of data, has announced 70 new hires and an additional €2m in funding.

3. Irish tech firm Digicom announces 30 new positions in Dublin 

Digicom intends to recruit 30 new employees over the next three years.

4. New people from all around the world join Fidelity every day 

Leaving your home country can be a big adjustment but, sometimes, it’s the best decision you could ever make.

5. MetLife’s Galway tech campus is recruiting 200 IT professionals 

New MetLife Galway campus will be focused on productivity, connectivity, diversity and wellness.

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