New year, new opportunities; the latest from the Careers section
The new year is a good opportunity to get a running start on your goals for 2018. Image: Black Salmon/Shutterstock

New year, new opportunities: The latest from the Careers section

5 Jan 2018

2018 has arrived, and with it the opportunity to make the changes to give you the career – and life – you want.

How are you feeling about 2018? Optimistic, pessimistic, or something that isn’t quite one or the other?

It’s OK to have a lot of complicated feelings about the coming year.

The landscape of our existence is in a state of violent flux of late due to a variety of mitigating circumstances, from geopolitical changes, to extreme violence and the looming threat of nuclear conflict between America and North Korea being expressed through Twitter, of all places.

Considering the fate of our existence on a large scale is dizzying and, to be honest, too emotionally taxing for the average person, we in Careers recommend you isolate your thoughts to changes in your personal life specifically.

Even though Neil deGrasse Tyson loves to repeatedly remind us that New Year’s Day is “astronomically insignificant” (we know, Neil, sometimes things are just culturally significant), it still feels like a good impetus to make moves towards having the life you want, however big or small those moves may be. It’s also a good opportunity to celebrate the things in life you enjoy.

This week in Careers, we’ve looked at ways to make the changes you want. If you want to nab the career of your dreams, for example, we’ve put together a list of great podcasts to listen to in the hope of getting that promotion or aceing that interview.

If you want to get fit but struggle to think of how to fit exercise into your hectic schedule, we have some tips on that, too.

Hays’ Nick Deligiannis gave us insight into the top recruitment trends of 2018, whether you’re in the HR sector and wondering about industry shifts, or hoping that you might get recruited into the job of your dreams.

If you’re seeking employment and wondering about the jobs climate right now, we also caught wind of the IDA’s latest end-of-year report on how many jobs were created in affiliated firms in 2017, which may instil some hope for your own prospects.

Although Brexit news has been mostly doom and gloom, research published by LinkedIn this week indicates that the EU exit has positively impacted the talent flow between UK and Ireland.

Marc Benedicter is a great example of talent flowing into Ireland, and we’re happy to report that his transition from living in Germany to coming to Dublin to work for Slack was made easy for him.

Maybe you’re on the other side of things and are hoping to make the perfect hire in 2018. We also have some suggestions about writing the perfect job ad to attract your ideal applicant.

For more on any of these stories, follow the links below.

1. LinkedIn reveals talent flow reversal from UK back to Ireland

A Brexit bonanza, perhaps?

2. 10 top recruitment trends to look out for in 2018 

Change is afoot for recruitment and HR professionals. Hays’ Nick Deligiannis looks ahead to see what recruitment trends we can expect in 2018.

3. How to write the perfect job ad in 8 simple steps 

Ensuring you gather the best possible team in your organisation is integral to success, and the first crucial step in this process is writing the perfect job ad.

4. ‘Irish people are the friendliest in the world!’ 

Moving to a new country for a job can be tough, but it helps when your company makes the transition easier on you.

 5. Almost 20,000 hired by FDI companies in Ireland in 2017, says IDA 

Over the course of 2017, FDI companies in Ireland created almost 20,000 jobs, with IDA Ireland confirming that it passed its five-year target.

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