Frankie McSwiney and Brian Moran smiling and posing outside of the Swords NoCo facility.
From left: Frankie McSwiney and Brian Moran, co-founders of NoCo. Image: Andres Poveda Photography

NoCo launches Irish remote working network with first site in Swords

30 Nov 2020

NoCo, a property company specialising in remote working space, has opened a 3,700 sq m facility in Swords and plans to add four more.

With eyes on meeting an increasing demand for remote and flexible working spaces post-Covid, property company newcomer NoCo has announced the opening of its first working hub in Swords Business Campus, Dublin.

The fully serviced 3,700 sq m site will be part of a multi-location remote working network, including four other locations in Clonee, Adamstown, Naas and Bray that will open in the next 12 months.

Each NoCo building is divided into private own-door workspaces – in a size required by the client – and once a client is part of the NoCo network, their employees can move between any of the network’s locations.

Bookings for office space and overall management of a client’s office space are handled through the company’s mobile platform. In its announcement, the company said that while NoCo was conceived before the pandemic hit as a means to ease commuting times, it has seen a number of large employers seeking alternative workplaces in recent months.

Raising further capital

It added that it has already signed up a number of clients from legal, accounting and consulting companies that will avail of the spaces before the end of 2020.

NoCo was founded by Brian Moran and Frankie McSwiney. It has raised initial funding of €200,000 from a consortium of private investors with backgrounds in property investment, development, corporate finance and venture capital. The company is currently in the process of raising further capital to grow the workspace network across the UK and Europe.

“Our mission is to create a flexible remote working solution for businesses and employees – helping them to reduce commuting times and facilitate a better work-life balance,” Moran said.

“The NoCo network of dedicated workspace facilities means team members can work from an existing HQ location, their own home, or one of our dedicated own-door office spaces. Our service also allows our clients to better manage their workforce strategy by integrating all workspaces available to them.”

Colm Gorey
By Colm Gorey

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