Digiweb to serve corporate
market with fibre links

11 May 2006

Digiweb, the business and consumer internet service provider, has said it can now offer connectivity to high-end corporate customers following the signing of a deal with E-net, the company which manages the metropolitan area networks (MANs) around Ireland.

The deal is thought to be worth in excess of €2m to Digiweb over the next few years. In a statement, the company said that it could now provide direct links over fibre optic connections on a nationwide basis. These services are suitable for businesses that require a high level of uptime for their voice and data communications.

Digiweb said it would also be able to offer full physical resilience to the fibre MANs using wireless technologies, a facility it claimed that other providers do not currently offer. This is where one connection acts as a backup or failover for the other, ensuring that a business remains connected. Three corporate customers have already signed up for the company’s service which is available immediately. Last year revenue at Digiweb was €5.6m and the agreement with E-net should help to boost the company’s business still further.

John Quinn, head of strategic development at Digiweb, said that the deal showed the company’s commitment to Government-led telecommunications projects. “The partnership will also allow us to immediately implement our pre-funded and vendor-supported multimillion euro local loop unbundling plan once the commercial and regulatory environment is right for us to do so,” he added. “Over the coming months people are going to see a substantial change in what Digiweb do and what we are going to do for telecommunications and broadband in Ireland.”

By Gordon Smith