Globetrotters can speak easy: voice translator unveiled for iPhone

6 Mar 2009

A SoftBank subsidiary has introduced a new iPhone application called ‘Speeek!’, which recognises spoken words in English and can translate back in audio into Chinese or Japanese and vice versa, via the iPhone.

Speeek! was developed in Tokyo by BB Softservice. It is an electronic dictionary application software with speaking capability, which recognises voice when a user speaks into an iPhone 3G, translates the speech and speaks back.

Speeek! JE, which translates Japanese into English and Speeek! JC, which translates Japanese into Chinese, were launched in December.

This time, four titles are being launched: Speeek! EJ (English into Japanese), Speeek! EC (English into Chinese), Speeek! CJ (Chinese into Japanese) and Speeek! CE (Chinese into English).

The app will be available on iPhone 3G from Softbank Selection for €17.99 and is available in 19 countries, including Ireland, the UK, China and Japan.

By John Kennedy