Move over Facebook and FriendFeed, the mobile web is one step ahead

10 Sep 2008

Mobile operators around the world will soon be able to allow their subscribers to gather all their social networking activities whether on Facebook, Bebo or any other network in one place on their mobile handset.

So far no life-streamer has succeeded even in the online world in placing all this information into a single feed despite efforts by FriendFeed or Socialthing. Even Facebook is attempting to get into this marketspace.

The new technology by NewBay Software is called LifeCache Social Networking v2.0 and can aggregate all social media activity by users in one place whether on the web, on the mobile handset, via mobile broadband and pretty soon on IPTV.

It presents popular information from multiple online communities including Facebook, Bebo (AOL), YouTube and MySpace in a single feed, allowing subscribers to instantly engage with friends and family across a host of third party sites.

Dr Nagappan Arunachalam, chief marketing officer, NewBay Software said he believes the social networking solution provides carriers with a long term opportunity to forge closer ties with subscribers and provides a unique value-added service squarely based on changing user demand.

A key feature of the LifeCache Solution is the one-click media upload client which enables subscribers to post and share user generated content, such as photos and videos, with a single click.

From NewBay’s analysis of real-world usage patterns and evolving user behaviour, this latest version now offers a range of sophisticated social networking features, allowing subscribers to: update their status in real time; view friends’ profiles; browse, download and comment on online media; and send private messages – all directly from the handset.

“As a growing number of people extend their online social networking into their increasingly mobile lives, carriers have a great opportunity to boost revenue via simple and compelling services that add value and enjoyment to each customer’s experience,” said Carrie Sylvester, Senior Research Analyst at InfoTrends, Inc.

“The ability to interact with online communities is extremely attractive, and carriers who enable real social networking will benefit from increased ARPU, enhanced brand engagement and ultimately, greater subscriber loyalty

NewBay LifeCache Social Networking Solution is the technology behind the popular O2 Ireland Bebo on my mobile service and Orange UK Bebo service, which was the world’s first mobilisation of It also powers several other carrier services such as Vodafone My Communities and Orange’s Social Networking service.

NewBay’s LifeCache Social Networking Client supports J2ME, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and RIM platforms.

Speaking with, Dr Arunachalam explained: “Basically it supports a multiple single feed. A lot of people support multiple social networks but don’t do as a single feed. We have a web based version, a mobile internet version and handset client based version

“It’s like FriendFeed but with more personal information – it scours the web for info that links to you as opposed to personal contacts

“People haven’t signed up for the whole thing yet, there is one network launching a service but haven’t announced yet

“Newbay takes all digital content from one device, sticks it into the cloud and any device can access that info in cloud.”

Dr Arunachalam said the LifeCache technology is also optimised to be accessible on the web browsers on Nintendo’s Wii games console.

By John Kennedy