NewBay rolls out mobile social network in Portugal

5 Nov 2009

Dublin-based NewBay has deployed a mobile social network for a Portuguese mobile operator that enables users to upload photos and videos and interact with multiple sites, such as Facebook, MySpace and hi5.

NewBay’s award-winning LifeCache Social Networking Gateway (SNG) has been selected by Optimus to allow its users to instantly keep up-to-date with their social-networking lives via a rich mobile internet interface on the handset.

What’s on offer

Optimus LifeShare provides an aggregated social-networking experience, and has the most advanced, configurable SMS notification feature available, which alerts users to activity on their online communities.

The service brings together key information and features from several social networks popular in Portugal, including Facebook, MySpace and hi5.

With LifeShare, Optimus subscribers can now instantly upload photos and videos, and interact with multiple online sites of their choice, through a user-friendly interface.

“NewBay LifeCache made it easy for us to integrate with multiple sites through a single connection to the LifeCache Social Networking Gateway, and provide an intuitive, complete solution to our subscribers,” said Nuno Lopes Gama, head of Mobile Internet & Data Services at Optimus.

Mobile social-networking experience

LifeCache SNG provides the most comprehensive aggregated mobile social-networking experience available in an operator-branded environment. LifeCache SNG makes it easier for operators to offer localised services that work with multiple online communities, handsets, languages and operators’ own messaging systems.

“Hi5 is focused on delivering an interactive and entertaining experience for our millions of users worldwide,” said Michael Trigg, vice- president of Marketing at hi5. “Through LifeCache SNG we will extend our user base in Portugal by enhancing the mobile experience in a way that complements our site and the needs of our Portuguese customers.”

Optimus LifeShare mobile social-networking service is compatible with 99pc of handsets on the market today. Built on NewBay’s telco-grade platform and robust technology, Optimus LifeShare is uniquely designed to provide 99.99pc service availability, reliability and performance.

What NewBay did

As part of the deployment, NewBay provided the User Interface (UI), and integrated with Optimus’ infrastructure systems and locally with Optimus Portugal’s platforms including messaging, provisioning and billing systems. Optimus LifeShare is provided as a fully hosted, localised service.

“Social networks are created organically to meet the specific needs and interests of their membership base. The explosion in their usage, especially from mobile devices, has created a need for better user experiences,” said Dr Nagappan Arunachalam (Arun), chief marketing officer at NewBay Software.

“NewBay LifeCache Social Networking Gateway provides operators with an opportunity to boost revenue by providing compelling, user-centric services which lend ‘elegant organisation’ to subscribers’ social-networking activity and add value to the subscriber experience,” Arun said.

By John Kennedy

Photo: NewBay, a Dublin-based company, has deployed a mobile social network for mobile operator Optimus.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years