NTL Ireland revenues up 7pc

11 Aug 2005

NTL Ireland today reported revenues of €28.8m for the second quarter, up 7pc on the same period last year. The company said the increase was driven primarily by infrastructure investment and product innovation.

The company reported this afternoon that its digital TV subscriber numbers increased 33pc to 109,600. Overall TV customers were up 4pc to 353,600.

In terms of the company’s broadband rollout, continued infrastructure investment continued to expand the company’s broadband footprint. So far, 127,500 homes are now enabled for broadband, up 99,400 from the second quarter last year.

The company reported what it described as “strong” broadband customer growth to 12,800 homes with cable broadband penetration now at 10pc of available homes.

The company added that churn levels were stable and at market leading levels.

NTL Ireland’s managing director Graham Sutherland commented: “Strong revenue and customer growth is exceptionally encouraging and has been under-pinned by our commitment to infrastructure investment and further innovation and differentiation of our products and services.”

By John Kennedy