Skype: How video chatting is connecting the world (infographic)

16 Jul 2012

When Microsoft snapped up Skype in October 2011 for US$8.5bn, Skype CEO Tony Bates said that by bringing together the best of the two companies, they were committed to empowering consumers and businesses around the world to connect in new ways. It looks like they are doing just that, judging from an infographic that illustrates just where and why Skype is linking up people across the globe.

The infographic created for points out that people are using videoconferencing technology in innovative ways as Skype continues to grow. For instance, Skype in the classroom enables collaboration on thematic projects; in the office, workers expect to replace emails and phone calls with videoconferencing more and more; and healthcare providers are using Skype to connect with patients.

The infographic also charts Skype’s growth from 2005-2010, the number of users online at one time, where those users are located, how videoconferencing is gaining visibility in diverse areas, such as healthcare, job recruitment and criminal justice, and even information for new Skypers on how to get started with the technology.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic