Skype Pro users get mobile phone-a-friend option

28 Aug 2007

Skype has launched a new way for users to phone a friend anywhere in the world from their mobile phone for as long as they want at discounted rates.

The new Skype To Go service can be downloaded by Skype Pro customers, who will receive a Skype To Go number at no additional cost.

To activate the Skype To Go number, users choose the friend or family member they want to call who lives abroad, enter their international number and in return they will be given a local number to use instead.

Having a Skype To Go number reduces the cost of making international calls from a mobile. For instance, calling friends in Australia will cost the same as calling from across the street plus the SkypeOut rate for Australia, which for landlines is as little as 1.7 cent per minute, the company said.

“Millions of Skypers around the world already make cheap international calls from their computers. With Skype To Go, you don’t have to think twice about the cost of making an international call from your mobile phone. If you have a friend living abroad you can now talk to them anytime and anywhere you want,” commented Stefan Oberg, vice-president and general manager of telecoms at Skype.

Skype said it is focused on further developing its ecosystem of more than 50 hardware partners and more than 190 Skype Certified devices to broaden the appeal to a wider base of users who want to use Skype away from the PC, no matter where they happen to be.

By Niall Byrne