Three Ireland launches 5G broadband to rival fixed-line offerings

9 Dec 2020

Image: © Вадим Пастух/

Three Ireland has launched its 5G broadband service, which it claims is faster than many fixed-line options.

Following the launch of its 5G network in September, Three Ireland has now released its 5G broadband offering, available to both consumer and business customers through retail, online and telesales.

The telecoms operator claims that its 5G broadband offers speeds faster than many fixed-line solutions and, in many cases, the ability to self-install in the same day.

For business customers, Three Ireland is also offering an engineer-install service to help find the best location for the router. This service will also be available to consumer customers from early next year.

In terms of plan options, Three Ireland said customers can avail of unlimited 5G plans with prices starting at €45 a month for consumers with an additional, one-time device charge of €149.

Business customers can choose to either install the broadband themselves, or seek assistance from an engineer who will also install an external antenna at their premises. Prices for business customers start at €36 a month.

Limited 5G availability

Speaking with The Irish Times, Three Ireland CTO David Hennessy said the main difference between the two packages is that the external antenna will provide a clearer 5G signal, as opposed to the more “casual” self-installed option.

“With the installed product, it’s not the kind of thing you plug out when you are doing the cleaning,” Hennessy said. “It’s a permanent, installed product.”

He added that Three sees 5G broadband as a rival to more traditional fixed-line broadband as the signal strength and quality it offers is “good as or better” than what its competitors offer.

While the Three Ireland’s 5G network now has at least 35pc coverage across the country following its launch in September, not everyone will be able to avail of this new broadband package. With plans to roll-out more 5G sites next year, Three has advised potential customers to check whether they are in an area with coverage on its website.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic